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Christine | High performance & mindset coach

I help leaders create change & transformation with a high performance mindset. Individualised coaching combined with productivity frameworks used by leading brands (incl. Microsoft, IBM, Adobe), will set you up for success.

Christine Lemmich

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I help leaders and aspiring leaders harness their potential.

Maybe you have a vision, but need help mapping out the path to get there. Or you need someone who can challenge you and get you taking intentional action.

My pledge to you: I will take a human-centred approach to everything I do. I am committed to serving you in the way that you need. That means I am committed to serving you in the way that you need. If that's knowledge, I will teach you what I know. If it's compassion, I will listen without judgement.
Your success is my success!

Just send me a message and let's find out if we're a good match. No commitment, no expectations.

What clients say

What are Lean & Agile?

Corporations rely on processes and frameworks to achieve success. Some of the most favoured frameworks at the moment are Lean, Agile, Scrum and Kanban. I've experienced their impact first hand in the corporate world.

I have translated these frameworks for individuals. Now you can use them to help you reach your goals outside of software development.

Send a message to discover how Agile or Lean can help you transform the way you work.

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About Me

My goal is to empower and motivate people through coaching, teaching and facilitation. I am an avid learner, optimiser and innovator focused on helping people reach their full potential. I draw on my insights from working in over four continents in different industries. I am particularly influenced by the Agile mindset, Clean Language and Nonviolent Communication.

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Christine Lemmich


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